• Joseph Bullock, one of the students from our 2017 cohort, works as an AI Research Fellow with UN Global Pulse, New York for his secondment to non-academic partners.

  • As the result of the 8-weeks team project at IBEX undertaken by Joseph Bullock, Carolina Cuesta-Lazaro, and Arnau Quera-Bofarull, they have been invited to present their work on X-ray imaging on the high-visibility SPIE conference in San Diego, February 2019.
  • In June 2018 we hosted the first CDT workshop at Lumley Castle, where the students presented themselves and their team projects to our partners. They introduced themselves with the brochure below.

  • During their 8 weeks team project at CERN our three students Andrew Blance, Parisa Gregg, and Aidan Sedgewick developed an improved classifier for high-energy physics publication within

  • The 8-weeks team project of Joseph Bullock, Carolina Cuesta-Lazaro, and Arnau Quera-Bofarull at the local X-ray imaging company IBEX let to very interesting results in cleaning X-ray images through neural network, thereby improving the discrimination of bone and soft tissue.

    Predictions from their neural network output and

    the confusion matrix.