All our students participate in structured training in Data Science and Generic Skills Courses. Depending on their chosen specialisation they will also attend lectures, namely

These courses run throughout the first two terms (Michaelmas and Epiphany).   The Data Science and Generic Skills module is taken by all our students, but it is also open to interested PhD students from outside the CDT.  In addition, we have regular events where our industrial partners present themselves and the data-related challenges they face. These events typically take place on Tuesday afternoons.

In May and June our students will embark on a 8-week team project, either in-house or with our partners.  The 2017/18 cohort had their projects with IBEX, Inspire at CERN, Procter and Gamble and in the astronomy and particle physics groups.  After a short workshop on “Communicating Science” (a part of the Data Science and Generic Skills module) the students will present their projects to the CDT partners and academics during a 1-day conference at Lumley Castle.

In July our students participate in an ILM-accredited mini-MBA provided by Durham University Business School.