Astronomy courses

The CDT astronomy programme includes the astronomy courses of the normal astronomy post-graduate programme, described on the physics web-pages.

A short overview of the specific astronomy topics covered is provided below:

Compact objects:

  • Stellar structure and evolution (5 hrs) [Prof. R. M. Sharples, Prof. T. P. Roberts]
  • Stellar Populations (4 hrs) [Dr. R. J. Smith]
  • AGN and black holes (6 hrs) [Dr. D. Rosario; Prof. C. Done]

Large scales:

  • Cosmology (6 hrs) [Prof. T. Theuns]
  • Galaxy Formation (6 hrs) [Prof. C.G. Lacey]
  • The Intergalactic Medium and the Interstellar Medium (7 hrs) [Prof. T. Theuns/Dr. M. Fumagalli]

Survey science:

  • The Milky Way (3 hrs) [Dr. A. Deason]
  • Large-scale structure (5 hrs) [Dr. P. Norberg]
  • Clusters and Groups of Galaxies (3 hrs) [Prof. A. C. Edge]
  • Gravitational lensing (2 hrs) [Dr. M. Jauzac]
  • The high-z universe (3 hrs) [TBC]
  • Instrumentation in astronomy (6 hrs) [Dr. A.G. Basden, Prof. P.M. Chadwick, Dr. T.J. Morris, Dr. J. Schmoll]

Theoretical techniques:

  • Stellar dynamics (5 hrs) [Prof. S. M. Cole]
  • Cosmological simulations (4 hrs) [Dr. B. Li]