The Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-Intensive Science is jointly funded by STFC and Durham University. Its mission is

  • to promote, enable and realise transfer of expertise, skills, and ideas between the academic and other sectors,
  • to train excellent researchers in cutting edge science and techniques who can contribute to and lead Data Intensive Science applications across industrial and academic sectors, and
  • to create new links between academic and industrial research.

To date we have two cohorts of students in the CDT, 15 students started in 2017 and 7 in 2018.

Our first cohort of PhD students in 2017

The initial intensive training for our students lasts for about 9 months and includes lectures and tutorials in generic technical skills and methods (statistics, numerical algorithms, high-performance computing, machine learning) and in their chosen subject specialisation (astronomy or particle physics). It also comprises training in transferable skills and a mini-MBA and the students are exposed to a short workshop on communicating science. In addition, they apply their skills in a first 8-weeks team-based project, either in-house in our research groups or with external partners. Starting in 2019 this training regime will also be offered as a new MSc Course in Scientific Computing and Data Analysis, together with the departments of Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences in Durham.

After their initial training our students pursue exciting research projects in the main STFC-supported groups at Durham University: